The Press Pause Game Club is the ultimate book club, but for video games! We play one game a month that’s selected based on community suggestions. Members chat about their experiences on Discord, Twitch streams and social media posts and we make sure to promote everyone that’s involved. 

The Game Club is an opportunity to tackle our ever-growing gaming backlogs, games we may have never been interested in playing and it also gives us a change to revisit our favorite games with our friends and community. Juan will host a video with everyone’s feedback about the game of choice after each month has concluded. We’ll also make sure to stream the beginning hours of each game to help you decide if it’s for you!


    1. Selected Games Must Be $30 or Lower
    2. Games must be able to be completed in 7 to 15 hours
    3. Games must be available on Playstation 4 or PC at minimum
    4. Be active on the Press Pause Discord!
    5. Use #PPGameClub on social media to get the word out!
    6. Streaming on Twitch? Use the PPGameClub community tag
    7. Have fun!!!
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      February 2018


      Ittle and Tippsie crash onto yet another island filled with loot, puzzles and mysterious inhabitants! With the help of a magical map, they set out to steal eight pieces of a raft from increasingly improbable locations including beaches, prairies, an art exhibit and some dude’s basement.

      This game is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

      People Played Ittle Dew 2
      Wouldn't have played if it wasn't part of the Game Club
      Rated the puzzles and dungeons as 'Hard'
      Would recommend it to friends