You know what time it is! As we reported last month, Hurtworld was announced as part of the July Humble Monthly. If you paid for July’s bundle early (or when you were billed) you were able to get early access for Hurtworld and be able to download it. Want to know the rest of the games available this month? Keep reading.

What is Humble Monthly?

Humble Bundle created a monthly subscription service called Humble Monthly. For $12 a month, you’ll receive a selection of games curated by the Humble Bundle team. Includes everything from recent hits to hidden gems to timeless classics – every month. The Humble Monthly redemption system will work the same way as any Humble Bundle, you’ll get the option to redeem each game separately (Steam Code) and the option to gift the game to a friend.

Another perk is that you get 10% off all purchases over at the Humble Bundle Store, which is a nice addition because they have very good sales frequently.

Games for July 2016



They also showcased one game that will be available in August’s bundle, which is Call of Duty: Black Ops III Multiplayer Starter Pack.

August 2016 Early Unlock


What do you think about this month’s Humble Monthly?


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